To ensure the quality of our pool installations, we began manufacturing our own steel pool walls in 1982. Over the course of time several other pool companies began purchasing our walls and kits. We have even been involved with the start-up of several other pool dealers across several states (even some in our own market). Ward Woods designed and patented our current liner coping that we still utilize today. Our pool “kits” are available wholesale to other dealers or to the retail do-it-yourself buyer. The fact we still manufacture our own walls is very unique in today’s business world. You can take pride in owning a Woods Pool! They are truly crafted in the U.S.A. with American raw materials and with Michigan Craftsmanship. Although the majority of our pools are rectangles or Grecian shaped, we have the flexibility to meet almost any need for custom sizes or shapes. Contact your Woods Pools, Inc. sales representative for additional details or a specific quote for your pool.


In addition to manufacturing the pool walls, each liner we sell is custom made for us based on the drawings and specifications that we supply. Even on liner changes we perform on pools we did not install, we measure and have the liner made to the specifications we supply. We dig the pool hole to our specifications based on drawings that we have created and supply. If we are installing your new pool you will see the pool develop – almost like a photograph, right before your eyes as our craftsman begin shaping the hole almost from the first load of dirt that is removed. In many cases even with a do-it-yourself pool installer, we will excavate the hole to insure the proper fit of the walls and liners. Tried and true equipment and procedures are used throughout the process to guarantee your satisfaction that your pool will be level, square and will last a lifetime and more. Even in the extreme climate changes we experience through the Michigan seasons.

Wholesale Products

Pool dealers from around the country are encouraged to check into our quality of design and manufacturing. From the unique design of our liner coping to the hand crafted walls, to the overall functional design of our product packages, our Woods Pools packages can be custom formulated to meet the challenging times we face within the swimming pool industry.

We have even created and produce several replacement parts that have been deemed obsolete from the original manufacturer. These include the drive plates and hubs for the older American and Sta-Rite Spin Filters as well as the center shafts in both stainless and brass for the American Spin Filter. If you own one of these filters, do not let anyone talk you out of it. From our 40+ years of experience and after installing literally hundreds of pool filters, there has not been one since that filters, back washes, and just plain works as well as these filters. With the addition of a newer style multi-port valve, nothing can compete with the functionality and ease of use of these older design filters. Contact us for further information on parts and availability.